Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being


Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese discipline of harnessing the vital life energy force of qi (pronounced “ch’i”) through design and placement in your home or business to promote prosperity, good health and serenity.

Deborah Gee is an internationally renowned Senior Feng Shui practitioner who has studied twenty-five years with one of the world’s leading Feng Shui authorities, the late His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun.

Deborah’s decades of practice puts her in high demand with Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley titans, architects, designers, the media and homeowners.

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She has applied her expertise to multi-use residential-business projects, 200-unit residential developments, small offices and multi-storied corporate headquarters, modest family dwellings and opulent mansions.

Deborah’s analysis of the new San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium was a front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle. The “cracked bowl” design that she surmised would cause challenges and player conflict has proven true as compared to her positive review of  AT&T Ballpark where the San Francisco Giants have won 3 World Series.

Deborah has been featured on American PBS TV with her popular program, “Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-being.” The groundbreaking show has been broadcast globally, generating worldwide understanding of this ancient Chinese practice that enriches successful living.

“It’s so gratifying to hear from thousands of people who saw our Feng Shui program and how it helped improve their lives in so many ways. Feng Shui emphasizes how our environment is an active influence in our careers, relationships, families, health and ultimately, our destiny.”

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What Clients Say

“I have consulted with Deborah Gee for three bio-tech companies that I have co-founded. They have all done very well with her help. All three companies grew quickly and had to expand into new space at least twice in six years. Surprise offers came in for the first two companies and were sold to unsolicited buyers. -Glenn T., Co-founder, Biotech company, Silicon Valley

“The first time I met with Deborah I knew that we would have an ongoing relationship. She is a consummate professional and truly gifted. She walked through my home and astonished me with what she picked up about my family’s financial and health status. She told me that my number one priority should be my son’s room. He was diagnosed with seizure disorder and had fitful nights. I followed her instructions, made a few changes and moved his bed to a new position. In the morning, he told me that it was the best sleep that he had ever had.” -Mavis D., realtor

“As a Stanford-trained engineer, I tend to look at the world around me through a scientific lens. However, Deborah Gee has changed that for me. More than moving furniture around, now, I understand that Feng Shui is about a way to recognize and shape our environment, life and aspirations to bring the active forces of nature to enhance our mind, body and destiny. Thanks to her expert guidance, today, I am a successful business owner of multiple businesses and an enlightened and caring person. Thank you to a Feng Shui Master with so much compassion. -Joseph C., President & CEO,  High-Tech company, Silicon Valley