Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips for Successful Living

1. The front entry of a home is the “mouth of ch’i” where vital energies and opportunities enter. Your foyer should be bright and spacious to encourage energy flow throughout your space. If you immediately face a wall when you enter, the energy is blocked. You become “blocked” in life. Hang a mirror on the wall to increase ch’i flow (life energy) and create a sense of spaciousness.

Bright Entry

2. Your cooktop/stove should be in the “command position,” facing toward the kitchen entry to ensure a successful life. Food symbolizes abundance, so your cooktop has energies affecting wealth, career success, and family harmony.

3. Mirrors, a Feng Shui cure-all, can bring energy into a room or deflect bad ch’i. Hang mirrors in places where they reflect views of water or greenery, drawing beneficial ch’i to your home. In a dark room, position a mirror so it draws natural light to increase ch’i and your sense of well-being.

Convex Mirror

4. Place plants throughout your home or office. Plants represent spring and a life force, providing nourishing energy and comfort for an environment. Put a tall, lush green plant in the “Wealth Ch’i Power Spot,” the rear left corner of your home as you face the entry, to enhance the energies for prosperity.

5. Use soft, tranquil colors in your bedroom to promote peaceful sleep, such as light green, light blue, pink or neutrals. Colors can energize, relax or oppress us. Bright colors keep the mind stimulated and can contribute to insomnia.

6. Position your bed facing toward the entry so that you have the most expansive view of the room. You’ll receive the maximum incoming ch’i, generating more restful sleep and better health. Don’t sleep directly opposite the door which puts you in the “path of ch’i,” causing stress and fatigue.

7. Paint your child’s bedroom sky blue and apple green to encourage intellectual and emotional growth.

Blue Kids BR

8. Position your desk at work or home in the “power position,” facing toward the entry with the widest eye sweep of the room, to ensure clarity of mind, productivity, and control over your career. If you sit with your back to the room entry, you won’t benefit from the incoming energy and symbolically, you may be turning your back to life’s possibilities.

9. Hang metal wind chimes near the front door to invite greater opportunities into your life. Sound can redirect or activate ch’i. The melodic chime symbolizes your voice to the world.

10. Landscape waterfalls or fountains with water flowing toward your home to promote prosperity and blessings. Water, a life-giving source, represents wealth. Place table water fountains and aquariums near the interior entry to invite good fortune.